Kelly Finnigan - A Joyful Sound (5x7" Box Set)

Kelly Finnigan - A Joyful Sound (5x7" Box Set)

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Disc 1
A - Heartbreak For Christmas
B - Merry Christmas To You

Disc 2

A - No Time To be sad
B - A Joyful Sound (abridged version)

Disc 3
A - Santa's Watching You
B - The Only Present Is Me

Disc  4
A - Just One Kiss
B - To Be Young At Christmas

Disc 5
A - The Miracle Is Here
B - Waiting On The Big Man

When Kelly Finnigan released his first Christmas record in the winter of 2020, it became an instant classic, full of "Christmas music even for people who don't like Christmas music." Since then, these tracks have been in-demand, particularly in the DJ crowd. Now, to honor Kelly's roots as a longtime 45 collector, we are thrilled to release a limited-edition, one time pressing, box set. Kelly has always been a champion of physical music, and has sold over 30k units throughout his career. We are thrilled to work with Kelly to press up 500 copies of 5 45s, which encompass the entirety of the original record, with specially designed label art for each.